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The Nyxie Moon Shop Testimonials

"I feel so pretty in all the jewelry I received, I can't wait to wear them more often. Plus, the owner was so kind when giving me updates about my order and while answering my questions too. My package was so nice, and I could tell it was put together with loving kindness energy, I'm so grateful. Can't wait to order again! Peace and blessings :)"

- Alexandria

"That reading definitely was so spot on I am normally an emotional person and I feel deeply. So learning to accept, balance and master my emotions is definitely proving to be a process!"

- Kiara

"I would share another picture where I'm holding them, but the truth is that these haven't been off my body since they entered my home. These waist beads are beautiful, clearly made with love and intention. I wear them to stay present with my body and actively love my midsection. This is a wonderful gift to myself and for your loved ones to embrace their beautiful bodies with a beautiful adornment."

- Tea

"You did amazing job with the reiki session, like my body feel brand new, like I feel revived almost! I really appreciate you so so so much."

- T. Graves

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