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Tango of the Two

I crave a love so deep, the oceans would be jealous And I, I want to see the anger in the waves The moon loves, the sun lives And I love to live with you by my side, my sun Reflecting your light upon me

And while these waves get crazy as I enter the night sky, They always settle down when you come around Working together, yet separately but as one We will always compliment each other's crowns

I, the moon, have fallen for the sun And the sun is the reason I am who I've become I can only get better and brighter in the night

While the sun watches my moonlight

Love by the moon, live by the sun You always be my only, only one And when doubt crosses your mind,

Remember, forever, I am yours & forever, you are mine

I just wait for day to break to let you breathe again

I admire your rays, and the ways your heat flourishes the earth

The way you cause growth, the way you give life

I'm in love with the way your rays penetrate my mind

Let this tango of day and night last forever

This is to be my greatest endeavor

Love by the sun, live by the moon

So it is night, I guess I'll see you soon

- Nyxie Moon

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