From Religion to Spirituality

Originally written for the Spiritual Haven on April 23, 2019

So, let me start with saying: this read is not meant to belittle or offend any life choice when it comes to being religious or spiritual because it is absolutely possible to both simultaneously or one and not the other. Do what you do, I love you either way. Everything is not as black and white as it seems. The reason we have the color gray is because there is always a gray area.

I wanted to write about this because I have had multiple experiences of judgment when it came to the way I have my relationship with The Most High. I have been called a devil worshiper, evil, witch-- you name it. And it is all because of the way I present my love for God. I recently pretty much got attacked while attending bible study at a church, which really made me question many things about Christianity and religion in general.

Little background story: I was raised somewhere in between Pentecostal and Baptist… with a hint of Buddhism and Islam. I’ve seen the church runners, the screamers, the roll-on-the-floor holy ghosts. I’ve heard and sung all the hymns, got baptized, ate the body and drunk the blood of Jesus. I’ve had to stop and pray to the East, fast, and abstain from pork. I’ve had to meditate, learn the laws of life, and practice peace despite my flesh. Even with experiencing all of these practices so young, I always questioned why. Why is this the way to God?

Being that my parents were also huge on knowing what blood we had running through our veins, I also was huge on African and Native American history. So, I found out about the significance of crystals, incense and sage to