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Hi, I'm Nyxie Moon

The black alt mama of many talents


Welcome to a place of freedom to share creativity with multifaceted beings of love.


reiki master + holistic healer | singer |

songwriter | poet | digital creator

mental health advocate

Pink Peonies

Where is the moon?

3/3 - Last Quarter in Sagittarius

3/10- New Moon in Pisces

3/18 - First Quarter in Cancer

3/25 - Full Moon in Libra (Lunar Eclipse)

What's your moon sign?

Mine is in Libra.

Pisces Season

(February 19 to March 20)

Water - Mutable - The Fish - Neptune & Jupiter

Part of body ruled by Pisces - Lymphatic system and feet

Lucky day / Numbers - Thursday / 3 & 7

Spring will be here before we know it. Have you began your cleaning and decluttering?

What new things can you implement into your day to ensure peace?

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The Moonlight
A place to share thoughts, reflections, blogs, and poetry.

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